Soft halftoning with Photoshop CS, CS2 or CS3

This method creates halftoned images with a smooth, soft, but still detailed look.

Requirement: Download image 1464682 from (this image by photographer Anatoly Tiplyashin is free but registering is required). Next, if you haven't done it in a previous tutorial, download three free sample patterns to follow along this tutorial.

Step 1: ctrl-click the background layer and convert it into a Smart Object. If you use Photoshop CS or CS2 just copy the layer. The reason for using Smart Objects is that it's possible to fine tune the filter settings later if required. Press ctrl J to copy the layer.

Step 2: Apply an Unsharp Mask filter to the top layer with the following settings: Amount: 500, Radius: 40, Threshold: 40

Step 3: Apply a Gaussian Blur filter with a radius of 40 to the bottom layer

Step 4: Set the Blend Mode of the top layer to Soft Light

Step 5: Hit the letter D on the keyboard to set the default Foreground and Background colors then add a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer.

Step 6: Just like in previous tutorials add a Pattern Fill Adjustment Layer and choose the 45° Classical Halftone 38 lpi @ 600 ppi pattern. Set the layer Blend Mode to Hard Mix.

Step 7: Goto Image > Image Size uncheck resample image and change the resolution to 600 ppi. Now print the image. I think you will agree it looks stunning and it's pure line art.